After almost 20 years spent working as a labor and delivery nurse in urban hospitals, I began a writing career that lead to thousands of my articles being published in magazines, newspapers and on websites.  Women’s health, gender equality, politics, global maternal health, advocacy, parenting and feminism are my primary focuses, but I’ve been published on a range of topics from Asthma to Zen Meditation. 

Right now, I’m a writer, editor, podcaster, registered nurse and mother.  I’m the author of two books:

 I’m the author of two books:


I'm the host of two podcasts:


·   Common Sense Pregnancy & Parenting Podcastsmart conversations about pregnancy, parenting, feminism, healthcare and everything else

·   The CARE Action! Podcast  - global conversations about advocacy, poverty, humanitarian aid, and the people who make CARE work



I’m co-founder of Civics for Cynics – advocacy workshops designed to turn even the biggest cynics into kickass citizen advocates. 

I also write, advocate and podcast for CARE, the global humanitarian organization. 

I was Senior Writer for Every Mother Counts (global maternal health non-profit) and a consultant, writer and editor for The World Bank and Choices in Childbirth (national maternal health non-profit organization). 

I live in Portland, Oregon with my family and I knit, read, meditate, mess around in the garden and travel wherever and whenever I can


My Mission:

I’m doing my part to change the world by elevating the status of women, mothers and parents.  I write, podcast, advocate and speak with groups because I want to see what happens when women are able to contribute their full value at home, in the workplace, in government and  society.  We haven't seen that happen in the US yet (or in most parts of the world) and I think it's damn well time we do.   I’m bringing everything I have to the table as a nurse, mother, writer, speaker, advocate and woman-alive-in-the-21st-century, hosting smart conversations about pregnancy, parenting, healthcare, feminism, politics and then some.