So You Want To Be A Writer

Lots of people want to be writers and have great ideas for blogs, stories, articles, essays and books. They just don’t know how to write them into existence. That’s what I’ll teach you! We’ll gather with other writers and writers-to-be in a small group and intimate setting where we’ll cover how to start, create, and get your idea out of your head and onto the page. We’ll talk about creative and writer’s processes, rituals and tips and, of course, we’ll write! By the time you leave - you’ll be a writer. Learn more here

How To Get Published

If you’re visiting Portland and you’re a writer who wants to get published, then our How to get Published 101 half-day workshop is for you. We gather with other travelers and writers (and those just thinking about writing) for an intimate, “how to get published” workshop. We’ll write, share, research and learn and by the time we’re finished, you’re all ready to start your article, blog, memoir or book. Then, we’ll ship you out the door for lunch at the famous Portland food-carts, research at Powell’s City of Books and a browse through the magazine racks at Rich’s Cigar Shop where you’ll find inspiration and information to get your name in print. You’ll receive plenty of practical advice, tips and guidance plus time for writing, brainstorming and hanging out with other writers in a gorgeous, historic, Portland home. Learn more here

Writing and Advocacy

You’ve been to the protests & voting booth. Now, what else can you do to make a difference? You can write! Whether it’s a charity or cause that’s close to your heart or a political/social issue that leaves you outraged, putting your thoughts in print & getting them published are essential for educating people far & wide so they can make change happen. Newspapers, websites, & magazines are hungry for well-written pieces about today's critical topics & readers are looking for new information, fresh perspectives & ways to get involved. Writing & advocacy can change the world! It’s not that difficult either. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned pro, I’ll teach you how to write like an advocate & share my best tips for getting your work published. It’s an action-packed two hours that will take your advocacy to the next level. Learn more here