Where Have I Been?

I missed a couple weeks posting here on the blog because I was on a trip to DC, NYC and OC (Oregon coast).  Sorry ‘bout that…couldn’t be helped.  I was super busy being in the present, doing my thing and spending very little time online. 



This was my DC thing:  I went to Washington DC for CARE’s National Conference to ask Congress to support a fully funded foreign assistance budget for 2020 and to sponsor a new act that integrates a gender perspective into emergency, refugee and humanitarian response efforts. Attending this conference annually is one small way I can advocate for women and families in developing countries, who will carry their families into a thriving future, if they can just get a little help. That’s where US foreign assistance comes in. It doesn’t take much to provide that help and the impact goes a long way. 



But first, I went to the Capitol Pride parade at Dupont Circle.  Nuff said, except, it was fabulous!


I also went to the National Cathedral because even though I’ve been to DC many times, I’d never seen it. I happened to pick a great day to visit - Pentacost Sunday – AKA - baptism day, where a crowd of very well-dressed people held a dozen babies in long, (probably heirloom)  baptismal gowns. Everyone looked exceptionally Congressional and Senatorial and very, very dignified. The babies didn’t seem to care about that and they fussed and spit up and fell asleep.



Off in a corner, an older gentleman with silver hair and a dove gray suit (think - central casting for “white, male Senator”) held a baby no more than 8 weeks old. She was so busy nuzzling and drooling on his shoulder that his suit was wet halfway down his sleeve.  He looked like the happiest man alive, like he held the most cherished of prizes.  He was a grandpa through and through, soaked with baby drool and happy to have it.  It was a lovely sight to see.


This was my NYC thing: I hopped from DC to NYC to spend some time with my oldest baby-girl. She moved to the big city from Portland, OR five years ago, all on her own. It’s an impossible distance and it breaks my heart that she’s so far away but I come to town whenever I can.  It’s one of the best things about parenting.  Eventually, and if you’re fortunate, you get to see your kids as adults in their element, living their best lives. My daughter is a designer and artist who creates unique floral events and experiences, like the crowns worn by the Prom king and queen at Hinge Pride Prom 2019. They’re gorgeous, one-of-a kind and they were touched by JonathanVanNess!   There is no prouder mother. 



She and I did some window shopping in Soho and came upon Lively’s store. You remember Lively, right?  They’re the super cute, comfie bra and athleisure company that’s been sponsoring Common Sense Pregnancy, Parenting & Politics lately.  I’ve shopped with them online and just got a couple of their bras in the mail but it was great to walk into their lovely store and see the same selection up close.  They have a great range of really beautiful bras and leisure wear but the best thing is, but you don’t have to go digging around to find the items that are also comfortable.  All their bras, undies and clothing are comfie.  Anyways…that was a fun.  Lively’s ads feature actual customers. 

Deep V No Wire.jpg

Here’s one of those customers wearing her Lively bra. 


Here’s me wearing mine.   Same, right?


After a few days in NYC, I flew home to Portland and drove to the Oregon Coast, where we chilled out hard on a pristine stretch of beach.  We did almost nothing other than look at this. 



So…that’s why I didn’t post anything here on the blog.  I was busy.    I’ll do better in July.