Placenta Previa, Croissants and Sloths

See the problem there?

See the problem there?

This week’s episode of Common Sense Pregnancy, Parenting & Politics is a follow up from one we did way back in December.  In Episode 144, we read an email from Kori who’d recently been hospitalized with placenta previa.  We talked that letter through with Chris Beard, CNM and laid down the basics on what a normal placenta does, where it’s supposed to be attached inside the uterus and what can happen when the placenta picks the wrong spot.  For those who haven’t gotten to that episode yet, make a point of it. In the meantime, here’s what a normal placenta looks like in comparison to placenta previa. 

You just can’t push a baby through the cervix and vagina when it’s covered by a placenta.  Nope…can’t be done.  At least not safely.  It’s one of the absolutely incontrovertible reasons why we’re so grateful that ultrasounds and C-sections exist and are readily available for women who need them. 

We’d been thinking about Kori ever since that episode and wondering how she and her little one were doing.  When she got in touch with a follow-up note, we decided to get her on the podcast to find out what happened.  The short story is that Kori had a safe C-section, but a little early and her little guy had to spend time in the NICU.  The whole experience was a roller-coaster ride that Kori navigated like a queen.  Give this week’s episode a listen and hear her story. 

I got pretty creative over on Canva this week and made this post for Instagram/Facebook. I am not a social media natural and my daughters are always saying,, “good job, Mom,” with all the sincerity you deliver to a toddler who’s showing good effort.

And all at once, summer collapsed into fall..jpg

 Why all the trees in this picture? Because I’ve looked closely at thousands of placentas following thousands of births I’ve attended as a labor and delivery nurse.  After delivery, the midwife, doctor and/or nurse examine the placenta to make sure all its blood vessels are normal, all lobes are present (and not still stuck in the uterus) and that overall it looks normal and healthy.  Look at enough of them and you’ll notice that no two are exactly alike but they all look like trees - big multi-branched oak trees that spread massive webs of branches and twigs that nourish leaves and create oxygen. These trees also have massive root structures from which they pull nourishment.  That’s just like placentas – I mean, just look at ‘em.  Oh and BTW, I was totally inspired by a meme I saw yesterday:  sloth or chocolate croissant?