A Brand New Blog

We’re launching a bunch of new things this week here on JeanneFaulkner.com and a brand new blog is one of them.  I’ve blogged for magazines, websites and organizations for a dozen years, but not consistently for myself.  Hey! I’ve been busy, K? One of those blogs (Ask The Labor Nurse, for Fit Pregnancy Magazine) led to two book deals (The Complete Illustrated Birthing Companion, Quayside Press 2013 and Common Sense Pregnancy, Penguin Random House 2015), which led to my podcast (Common Sense Pregnancy, Parenting & Politics) which leads me to my point.  It’s time I blog on my own website. 

When I coach writers on how to get published, I tell them they need a blog to showcase their work, interact with readers and demonstrate to future publishers that they know how to write.  A website is like your house where all your stuff lives. Your blog is you, waving out the front door, welcoming visitors to come on by and take a look.  It’s an invitation, greeting and glimpse of what’s going on inside.

So, that’s what I’m doing… standing on my porch, waving at you and blogging a little about my work, life, and oh-so-many-opinions on women’s health, feminism, writing, parenting, politics, my podcast and whatever else strikes my fancy. 

Obviously what strikes my fancy this week is all the new stuff I mentioned above.  This week, on May 1st we’re launching not just this blog but also our new monthly newsletter AND...here’s the 2nd biggest piece of news…We made a thing!  We’ve got MERCH!!!  We’re now selling a cup of Common Sense coffee cup right here on my website. 

There’s all kinds of new stuff happening around here.

There’s all kinds of new stuff happening around here.

I always grab a hot cup of something before I sit down to interview a guest and now, we can share the same cup - a cup of Common Sense. Get it?  What does that actually mean?  Common Sense means “good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.”  When it comes right down to it, that’s everything you need for pregnancy, parenting and politics, right?  Go check out our shop and get your own cup of Common Sense today.  Your purchase helps us support Common Sense Pregnancy, Parenting & Politics.

Now…THE BIGGEST NEWS… (drum roll please)…My New Book: Mom’s Side of the Story is available for sale on my website. I’ve been working on this for a couple of years now and I finally have something to offer you that I’m really excited about.  This book came about because I was thinking about all the hours doctors and nurses spend writing down the medical details of women’s pregnancies and births and how, for most women, that’s the sum total of what’s written about their experience of becoming someone’s mother. 

Our pregnancies and births are among the most transformative events of women’s lives yet they’re rarely written by women themselves. Instead, women are encouraged to write about their babies and to focus their story writing time on a baby book.  It’s as if we’re telling mothers that their stories will be written by and about others from now on. I think that’s bullshit.  Women should tell their own stories, document their own pregnancy and birth experiences and lead the narrative in the biggest plot twists of their lives.

That’s what Mom’s Mom’s Side of the Story is all about.  It’s a workbook that guides you through prenatal care and how to document your own health history.  It’s a journal where you’ll write out your life story, feelings, hopes and goals and where you’ll make decisions that will shape your motherhood.  Mom’s Side of the Story is about you and your story because I truly believe that when we focus on mothers, they, their children and their families usually turn out just fine.  

Right now I’m selling Mom’s Side of the Story exclusively on JeanneFaulkner.com.  It’s beautifully designed and looks great stacked on the bedside table with Common Sense Pregnancy and a cup of Common Sense.  I talk more about Mom’s Side of the Story over on the podcast this week, where I read the introduction.  Then next week, we’ll talk with midwife, Chris Beard, about the role documentation and storytelling play in women’s healthcare experiences.  Give it a listen, go check out the book on our Shop page and pick up a copy for yourself or the pregnant women you know.  

Those are my big announcements everybody.  Come on over again next week, will ya? 

Oh…and I almost forgot to mention…check this out – I have birds nesting in my birdhouse!!!!! Looks like they’ll be launching some new little things soon too! You have no idea how happy that makes me.